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Lady Karame – Who says you can cum, on my sexy Hunter Boots

Lady Karame – Who says you can cum, on my sexy Hunter Boots




Equipped with 40 braces, you whine and moan in front of me. It is already much too quiet for me,
so I slowly start to free your body from the nasty clamps. Oh, I slipped off one and you start screaming like a miserable failure! With each piece I take off, your whine gets louder and I am delighted by your pain. You are fidgeting like a fish and the cross
does its best to hold you tight so you will not be able to escape me and my play. Your nipples are
sore and I press my fingers deep into the now very sensitive chest area. You whine and tremble
with your whole body, while the pain flinching through you. A little vulgarity is still ahead of you. I free your
right hand and order you to wank while I present my sexy Hunter Boots and my tight, sexy leggings
in front of you. When you are finally about to cum, I pull you arm from your cock and almost get
your load onto my boots. However, I can still jump back in time. Now I am amused to see how your cum,
completely ruined, runs out of your cock and you are almost crying, because you wanted to cum so badly.
I laugh at you! You are not able to cum like a real man. You’re only there for my amusement!



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Lady Karame – The dirt on my boots is a feast for you

Lady Karame – The dirt on my boots is a feast for you




Have a look, how this worm is squirming in dirt, how he licks all the dirt, dust and my spit off from my boots. With true devotion he makes his job, greedy he licks and swallows the dirt and it makes him even horny. And why? Because it is MY dirt, and he would do anything to please his goddess Lady Karame. This dirty, disgusting little pig is getting every inch of my ranger boots. Trying to get into every corner of the leather, while he peeks up from time to time to check out my beautiful tights and sexy shiny dress. However, he is on my leash and I will not tolerate him to peek under my skirt. I m not very satisfied with his work as my boot licking slave. He is full of dirt so I thought of giving him the most amazing gift a dominatrix can give to her slave. I shower him with my divine spit until is mouth is full and his body wet!

Schau Dir an wie sich diese Made im Dreck windet, wie er all den Dreck, Staub und meine Rotze von meinen Stiefeln leckt. Voller Hingabe verrichtet er seine Arbeit, gierig leckt und schluckt er den Dreck und es macht kleine Sau auch noch geil. Und warum? Weil es MEIN Dreck ist, und er alles tun würde um mir, seiner Göttin, zu gefallen.

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Kinky Mistresses – Calea Toxic and her Halloween Slave. Starring Calea Toxic

Kinky Mistresses – Calea Toxic and her Halloween Slave. Starring Calea Toxic




Calea Toxic in her first clip on Kinkymistresses. She has some fun with her Halloween-Slave, she is impressed how much pumkins he can handle at his balls and she loves to try out some new nipple torture devices.

Keywords: Calea Toxic, CBT, gagged, Kinky Mistresses, kinkymistresses, nipple torture

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Kates Palace – Break-in at the Palace of Sin 2. Starring Lady Lara

Kates Palace – Break-in at the Palace of Sin 2. Starring Lady Lara




Now I know what you’re thinking. Why pay for LADY LARA’S expensive services when you can flub a burglary and get ’em for free? Not to worry. His bill will be a hefty one. The FROSTY-HEARTED SEAMSTRIX is only too happy to stitch up his Derrick with a thimbleful of needles and make him show some true reMorse. All the better to appreciate his a capella wailing! And the beat goes on! A nice row of clothes pegs on his squishy sacks evokes musical magic. By the time the NAUGHTY LAUNDRESS finishes hanging the pink pussy up to dry, he could teach Johnny Rotten a tune or two. La de da de da! With razor-sharp fingernails on his milkless mams, THE ADEPT VOCALATRIX coaxes a blood-curdling High C from HER wailing Don Burglovanni. Time to train up his breathing technique. Love to smoth you, baby! To take him to an even higher note, the technically competent ELECTROCUTIONATRIX cranks up the juice and conducts the good news to every last quarter of his inchy skin flute. That’ll give the larcenous lurcher something to yodel about to the folks back home. Just goes to show, crime doesn’t always pay – not even in the Palace of Sin.

Keywords: CBT, Electric Play, Female Domination. Needles, Kates Palace, KatesPalace, Lady Lara, Nipple play, VIBRATOR

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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Jasmine the BallBusting Teacher

Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Jasmine the BallBusting Teacher




Just a little Pre Halloween fun with the Slave, ” Teaching” the girls how to properly Ballbust a slave. (Looks like we are going to need a new slave really soon, They break so easily lol )

We have a serious issue when it comes to birth rates and Im just one girl trying to solve overpopulation, one nut sack at a time! lol

I suppose the more men I Ballbust the lower birth rates will be.


FOR HD CLICK Jasmine the BallBusting Teacher! HD


Category: FEMDOM


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Glove Mansion – Double blowjob at the dentist part 1. Starring Nikki Whiplash and Nomi Melone

Glove Mansion – Double blowjob at the dentist part 1. Starring Nikki Whiplash and Nomi Melone




No need to be nervous at this dental practice, Nikki n Nomi take good care of their patients. The dental exam will be quite relaxing and sexy and good boys always get a horny reward that involves latex gloves!

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – We are the bosses. Starring Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – We are the bosses. Starring Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente




Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente: Today I will show you a clip with Divine Mistress Heather: Full clip: Boss game! Divine Mistress Heather and I we are the Boss in a big company! A new employee has applied, we receive him for a job interview. We look at him for the first time. Then he is to take off his shirt, which makes him hesitant. We show him our long elegant legs in high heeled shoes. Challenge him to kiss the high heels. He refuses, so we help. Step by step, he should move out and we check whether he is suitable as a footsklave. After initial confusion, our candidate is busy with the matter. He wants the new job absolutely! The applicant is used as a shoe sole licker. We should also spoil our nylon feet. Then he is finally to take off his panties, we want to see exactly who is applying for a job there. He is ashamed because he has to present himself completely naked before us. Since he is covered his cock with the hand, we are curious! Let is take a look! Our employee has to lie directly in front of us on the ground and show us his cock. With a magnifying glass, Mistress Heather tails the cock exactly. We are determined that our new employee has a mini penis. We get our comparison models and look at the penis sizes exactly. The cock is measured. Then I show Mistress Heather my new toy. A penis pump! Perhaps with this the mini-cock has been enlarged? Now the cock is enlarged with the penis pump! Slowly he is pulled further and further into the pipe. The cock is getting bigger! Again and again the process is repeated. And to the further humiliation he must also smell in the shoe of Mistress Heather! Then we measure the result. Has the cock got bigger? Keywords: humiliation, boss and employee, roleplaying, foot slave training, shoelicker, shoe smelling, shoeworship, foot smelling, foot humiliation, foot worship, double domination, penis pump, small penis humiliation, big dildos, big toys, slave training, long legs, high heels, nylons, pantyhose / ff stockings, blond, femdom, female domination, brunette, close-ups – Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! MP4 Clip, English language.

Heute zeige ich Euch einen Clip mit Divine Mistress Heather: Ganzer Film: Boss game! Divine Mistress Heather und ich wir sind Chefinnen einen großen Firma! Es hat sich ein neuer Mitarbeiter beworben, wir empfangen ihn zum Bewerbungsgespräch. Wir schauen ihn uns erst mal an. Dann soll er sein Hemd ausziehen, was er zögerlich macht. Wir zeigen ihm unsere langen eleganten Beine in hohen Stoeckelschuhen. Fordern ihn auf High Heels zu küssen. Er weigert sich, also helfen wir nach. Schritt für Schritt soll er sich weiter ausziehen und wir prüfen ob er als Fußsklave tauglich ist. Nach anfänglicher Verwirrung ist unser Bewerber eifrig bei der Sache. Er möchte den neuen Job unbedingt haben! Der Bewerber wird als Schuhsohlenlecker benutzt. Auch unsere Nylonfüsse soll er uns verwöhnen. Dann soll er auch endlich seinen Slip ausziehen, wir wollen schon genau sehen wer sich da um eine Stelle bewirbt. Er schämt sich weil er sich ganz nackt vor uns präsentieren muß. Da er seinen Schwanz mit der Hand bedeckt werden wir neugierig! Das schauen wir uns jetzt mal ganz genau an! Unser Mitarbeiter muß sich direkt vor uns auf den Boden legen und uns seinen Schwanz zeigen. Mit einer Lupe schaut sich Mistress Heather den Schwanz genau an. Wir stellen fest, dass unser neuer Mitarbeiter einen Minischwanz hat. Wir holen unsere Vergleichsmodelle und schauen uns Penisgrößen genau an. Der Schwanz wird vermessen. Dann zeige ich Mistress Heather mein neues Spielzeug. Eine Penispumpe! Vielleicht kann mit dieser der Minischwanz vergrößert werden? Jetzt wird der Schwanz vergrößert mit der Penispumpe! Langsam wird er immer weiter in das Rohr gezogen. Der Schwanz wird immer größer! Immer wieder wird der Vorgang wiederholt. Und zur weiteren Demütigung muß er dabei auch noch in den Schuh von Mistress Heather riechen! Dann messen wir das Ergebnis. Ist der Schwanz größer geworden? Keywords: Humiliation, boss and employee, role play, foot slave training, shoe licker, shoe smelling, shoe worship, foot smelling, foot humiliation, foot worship, small penis humiliation, big dildos, big toys, penis pump, double domination, slave training, long legs, high heels, nylons, pantyhose/stockings, blond, femdom, female domination, brunette, close-ups – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! MP4 Clip, Englische Sprache.



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The build-up n tease is so intense! My rubber slave has a huge hard-on, I can feel it as I rub my latexclad ass on to it. He is so desperate to cum, to release himself but he must wait! Touching his dick with my long nails and continiously stroking his rubberized body is bringing him to the edge.and then I stop and repeat it all again. Until he finally orgasm and I let his cock and cum just fly in to the air.ruining his orgasm, which is so much fun!

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Femme Fatale Films – The Shining – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Heather

Femme Fatale Films – The Shining – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Heather




Mistress Heather is heading out to a fetish club for the evening, but her house slave is given the humiliating task of cleaning the kitchen floor with a toothbrush, but not before he has given Mistress Heather’s figure hugging latex a suitable shine! The slave gets an extreme verbal barrage of insults and is face slapped hard when he does not follow her precise instructions. He must also worship the shoes, that are later used to punish him and hear just how Mistress Heather plans to humiliate him further with a cuckold scene, culminating in him being made to drink a real man’s cum.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, FemmeFataleFilms, Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Heather, Heather, Mistress, Humiliation, Whipping, Hand Crush, Crushing, Whipped

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